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It has always been important for kids to know that their self-worth has nothing to do with the approval of others. However, the Youtube and social media culture today make it even more critical to healthy adolescent development. The approval of others is often what we focus on when using social media. “Look how many likes I got for that […] Read More

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Continuing in the same vein from yesterday’s post about social media compulsion and self-worth, there is a new book out that parents of girls can get to help their daughters deal with the extra pressures brought on by social media. The book is Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For? by Kari Kampakis who writes about family and faith through a variety of outlets. It may […] Read More

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There are dozens of online family contracts available from various organizations that are concerned with family internet safety. Here is the one that I’ve developed for Sensible Cyber Parenting. It contains common sense guidelines about all areas of internet safety not only the ones to keep your family safe, but also to keep your devices safe from malware and scams […] Read More

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Below is a link to a chilling and disturbing list and explanation of child pornography related crimes committed by college professors and staff. I applaud Dr. Handrahan for this extensive compilation of these horrific crimes. Yet, Dr. Handrahan claims suggest that this list may just be the tip of the iceberg: “My research, which is far from comprehensive, details 90 professors and […] Read More

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I read an article yesterday that gave the opinions of several mom bloggers on parental controls. It was obvious that many of them didn’t really think they were necessary or considered parental controls to be more for spying on their children or alerting to cyber bullying etc. The harmful and addictive nature of pornography should make it the number one […] Read More

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My goal with SCP is protecting kids’ devices from exposure to porn etc. but in the battle against pornography, it is also critically important to protect their minds so they have the proper response when they are faced with it. I would like to say IF, but sadly, technology being how it is, when is more likely. The evidence (Fight The […] Read More

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Fight The New Drug, an organization that does awesome work to minimize pornography use, reported the other day that search results for Pokémon GO had surpassed that of porn searches. In case you weren’t aware of it, pornography is always at the top of lists quantifying internet search data. So, that alone is a good reason to like Pokemon Go. There are […] Read More

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Since its Thursday release, Pokemon go has taken the world, and its inhabitants of all ages, by storm. This new sensation has boosted Nintendo’s market value by over $9 billion so far and led to some unbelievable news stories from CNN along the way. The smart phone app successfully promotes outdoor activity in a way that gaming never has before. In some […] Read More

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This letter from Liz Wann passionately expresses the lure and evil of pornography. Where God’s Word exhorts judgement it also reveals His grace. Likewise, Liz beautifully expresses the grace and help we receive from Jesus when we rely on Him. Her letter is published at Desiring God but you can start it below: My Dear Sons, The eye beholds much good and […] Read More

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The products for parental controls and protection keep improving. There are more products with better features today than ever before which is very good news for families. Parents need to understand that when we put technology into our kids’ hands we also need to accept responsibility for protecting them and that there might be costs associated with that. But, I […] Read More