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Fight The New Drug, an organization that does awesome work to minimize pornography use, reported the other day that search results for Pokémon GO had surpassed that of porn searches. In case you weren’t aware of it, pornography is always at the top of lists quantifying internet search data. So, that alone is a good reason to like Pokemon Go. There are […] Read More

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Since its Thursday release, Pokemon go has taken the world, and its inhabitants of all ages, by storm. This new sensation has boosted Nintendo’s market value by over $9 billion so far and led to some unbelievable news stories from CNN along the way. The smart phone app successfully promotes outdoor activity in a way that gaming never has before. In some […] Read More

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This letter from Liz Wann passionately expresses the lure and evil of pornography. Where God’s Word exhorts judgement it also reveals His grace. Likewise, Liz beautifully expresses the grace and help we receive from Jesus when we rely on Him. Her letter is published at Desiring God but you can start it below: My Dear Sons, The eye beholds much good and […] Read More

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The products for parental controls and protection keep improving. There are more products with better features today than ever before which is very good news for families. Parents need to understand that when we put technology into our kids’ hands we also need to accept responsibility for protecting them and that there might be costs associated with that. But, I […] Read More

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When it comes to parental controls, I generally recommend that parents take advantage of the parental control features that come with a device and then add additional controls as needed (as long as the two together are not in conflict with each other). Manufacturers of mobile devices have continued to improve the features and options that can help you protect […] Read More

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The management and control that has been available for corporate networks for years is finally available to families in a simple and user-friendly product called Circle. Computer geeks with really deep pockets could subscribe to products for their home that offered the technology that corporations have been using, but that wasn’t feasible for most people. There have been a few […] Read More

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As if having “The Talk” isn’t difficult enough, now parents also need to talk to their kids about pornography. In fact, talking to them about pornography is nearly as important as setting up protection on the online devices they use. Being forewarned really is forearmed, and it is critical when it comes to helping them have the proper response when they […] Read More

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Flexibility, choice, freedom, variety – they are part of the appeal of android devices. And yet, it is those same characteristics that make it trickier to give instructions and advice to parents for protecting kids’ on those devices. This article from Android Community gives a nice overview of parental control setup and apps for android devices. Android tablets are useful […] Read More

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The truth is most parents do not begin using parental controls soon enough. They incorrectly think that their kids are too young to need them. First, let me say that parental controls in this context simply means taking steps to make sure that your child does not come into contact with undesirable or harmful content while using a computer or […] Read More

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 As you can imagine, my kids have put up with their share of parental control products over the years. I was always trying out new ones and they were my fairly cooperative guinea pigs. Mobicip was the first product that I tried once they were allowed to have smartphones. At that time, Mobicip was merely a safe browser. Now, Mobicip […] Read More