family-protector-intego Intego has been in the Apple security and utility software business since 1997. Apple products have been their sole focus, which is definitely a plus when it comes to developing an iOS parental control product. Having that understanding and focus gives Intego an advantage when it comes to iOS devices.  Many of the other products on the market started as Windows-based products and have expanded into Mac, then the mobile market for iOS and Android. It doesn’t mean that those products shouldn’t be considered for parental controls, just that some companies have had an easier time than others successfully developing products in this market across platforms.

Like many parental control products today, Intego is subscription-based. An Intego subscription is $5.00 per month per family (14-day trial), making it a very reasonably-priced option compared to many other products in this market. Affordability is particularly important in the parental control market, but the products need to work too. I always recommend taking advantage of the trial period a product offers to make sure the product works for a family’s needs before spending any money. Additionally, see a coupon code at the end of this post that Intego has provided for SCP users.

The parent establishes an account and can administer the product from a computer or their own iOS or Android device. The administration app is available for Android even though protection is not. Once the parent sets up their Intego account they add their children and set the various restrictions and rules that they want to enforce for each child. After the parent sets up their account, they install the Family Protector on each device and assign each device to the corresponding child from their administration controls.

Intego offers time restrictions and website filtering like most other parental control products. When Family Protector is installed on a device, the Safari web browser is replaced with Intego’s Rook browser that filters web content according to the restrictions the parent sets. A complete list of the features of Intego Family Protector from their website, but I will highlight a few that are a more unique. There are three web restriction levels to choose from: Strict, By Request and Monitored. Strict allows kids to only go to websites the parent has added to the allowed list. By Request only allows kids to go to the websites on the allowed list, but allows them to request for that website to be added to the allowed list. The parent receives an alert request and can allow or disallow the website very quickly. Monitored is monitoring only. It gives a complete, active link history of pages visited so parents can click on it to see the exact page or search. The Strict setting would be great for young kids. By Request would take some time to build up an allowed list for older kids who have been used to a little more freedom in a web browser. Monitoring only is a great resource for parents with kids who are closer to leaving the nest to teach accountability and establish trust. Additionally, if the child deletes the Rook Browser a parent can reinstall it automatically from their administration controls.

The ability to block camera and Facetime access at certain times of day and app management are excellent features as well. Parents can even disable the device from doing anything entertaining until a parent is called or the child comes to the table for dinner.  It is worth noting that due to iOS restrictions, using some of these features will cause personalized app arrangement (such as folders) on the child’s device to be rearranged. As a result, Intego has developed a feature called Icon Lock that can be installed to avoid this problem and an unhappy child who has spent time arranging his/her apps into folders.

In my opinion, Intego Family Protector is an outstanding and affordable option for families with iOS devices.

Any control or monitoring product recommendations by SCP are solely based on the performance and effectiveness of the product, not on affiliate relationships or other monetary benefits. You can read more here about how I work to inform and empower parents so they are better able to protect their kids online. Please search the SCP website for more information about Parental Controls and remember that no product is full-proof or “set it and forget it”. You need to stay vigilant and frequently monitor the products you use to make sure that they are still installed correctly and working properly.

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