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Online privacy is at the forefront of tech news and tops the list for concerns for a lot of internet users or at least it should.  The folks behind the app Cyber Dust saw a need and filled it.  However, the age for the app is listed at 12+ in the Apple store, so #ParentsNeedToKnow that it is out there and it “is free and always will be” according to the website.

Cyber Dust is like snapchat on steroids.  Here are just some of the features and benefits of Cyber Dust from their website:
“Have Fun With Messages – Send disappearing stickers, animated Gifs, URLs, and more.”
“Self-Destruct Messages – will delete forever after 30 seconds.”
“Blast Locations – Blast a location out to all of your friends.”
“Media – Send as many high quality photos as you want.”

Like Mary Kay Hoal @marykayhoal says in her article on Disappearing Messaging apps, the App Store advertising statement “Disappearing Messages, Say Whatever You Want” should be a red flag for parents.   In addition the Cyber Dust website offers to help if your teen “Need Friends to Chat With”.  They provide a page of users your teen can connect with from around the world.

In the future Cyber Dust promises to have videos and group chat capabilities. People should also be aware that no matter what an apps claims, the safest attitude to have is that anything put in cyber space can be accessed by someone even if that someone is only law enforcement or the NSA.

See our App Watch page for other apps #ParentsNeedToKnow about so they decide which ones they will allow their kids to use.   If you are a parent and you are not monitoring your kids app downloads hopefully this post will inspire you to!


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