Slow Clap for Apple’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

What about the kids who use their products?

Apple iOS offers basic and lackluster options for filtering access to undesirable websites so they are only really useful for very young children.

A report last year from Research Methodology highlights a plethora of programs that Apple has implemented for Social Responsibility. The list adds up to multiple billions of dollars for programs such as: Global Volunteer Program, Apple and Gender Equality and Minorities, several energy and natural resource programs, Labor rights and worker education programs. These are obviously things that Apple feels are important. However, in 2017, 78% of teens surveyed owned an iPhone, Apple makes billions of dollars from the sale of iOS devices for kids. Are they important, too? Considering what families are doing for Apple, it would be nice if Apple would produce a product that seriously shows concern for them. Apple touted Screen Time and improved parental controls in iOS 12, but they are not spectacular. Yes, screen time is an issue, but if you asked parents what they were most concerned with about protecting their kids on a mobile device, they are going to say pornography and other dangerous, graphic content. In this area of Social Responsibility they are sadly lacking! The capabilities of these devices are incredible. There is not doubt that Apple CAN offer significantly more robust options related to content filtering, so why don’t they? It is time for Apple to get this done. One possibility would be to allow the user to set the DNS setting for the device and put that setting in Restrictions so parents could use OpenDNS Family Shield to control the websites allowed on the device. Here is Apple’s feedback page so you can encourage them!

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