AT&T U-verse and Router-based Parental Controls

Sensible Cyber Parenting always recommends starting home online protection with the router as the best practice, first-line defense. (see Router-based parental controls post and our Getting Started page) Sadly, however it is impossible to use OpenDNS (or other router-based parental controls) if you have AT&T U-verse without adding an additional router which involves putting the U-verse router into “bridge mode”. With the U-verse router in bridge mode it simply delivers your internet service while the additional router is in charge of  the routing functions on your home network. Unfortunately, the success of this method depends upon the model of AT&T router, the brand and model of the user-provided router and the technical expertise of the user.  There are some links below where people have provided their successful configurations. It is certainly not a task for someone who is not comfortable with technology. For this reason, Sensible Cyber Parenting does not recommend U-verse.  Besides providing information about the best options for protecting kids online, the goal of SCP is to empower parents to be able to put the installation and management of parental controls in their hands.  There is simply not a proven method that works for the various U-verse router models with all of the other routers on the market — a method where parents can be given steps that, if followed, would end up in guaranteed, successful installation. What I find extremely frustrating is that AT&T U-verse could choose to help families like Netgear has by incorporating OpenDNS parental control options into their routers. It would be a huge selling point for families considering AT&T U-verse.

If you have U-verse and you want to find out more about the possibility of using OpenDNS some of the following links may help give you an idea of the steps involved.

The latest information from OpenDNS on the subject: Special Case – AT&T Uverse.

From the AT&T support forum:
Motorola NVG589 in bridge mode
2Wire in bridge mode
Motorola NVG510
Frustration demonstrated

Non-AT&T Resources:
Motorola NVG859 in bridge mode
Apple airport

Apple’s Families Page

CleanBrowsing App

App Watch List

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