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When it comes to parental controls, I generally recommend that parents take advantage of the parental control features that come with a device and then add additional controls as needed (as long as the two together are not in conflict with each other). Manufacturers of mobile devices have continued to improve the features and options that can help you protect […] Read more

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The following is a list of apps that parents might not want their kids using.  The list is here so parents can recognize them, read about them and decide what is right for their family. Click on the app icon below to read more information about it. The list is updated as new apps are developed or discovered. These apps […] Read more

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The other evening as I scrolled through my personal Facebook feed, I noticed that several of my Facebook friends had attended a wedding that evening. As is often the case with Facebook, it occurred to me that I wasn’t even aware that some of these friends knew each other. “Funny, small world,” I thought. Then I saw another post about […] Read more

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It has always been important for kids to know that their self-worth has nothing to do with the approval of others. However, the Youtube and social media culture today make it even more critical to healthy adolescent development. The approval of others is often what we focus on when using social media. “Look how many likes I got for that […] Read more

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Fight The New Drug, an organization that does awesome work to minimize pornography use, reported the other day that search results for Pokémon GO had surpassed that of porn searches. In case you weren’t aware of it, pornography is always at the top of lists quantifying internet search data. So, that alone is a good reason to like Pokemon Go. There are […] Read more

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Flexibility, choice, freedom, variety – they are part of the appeal of android devices. And yet, it is those same characteristics that make it trickier to give instructions and advice to parents for protecting kids’ on those devices. This article from Android Community gives a nice overview of parental control setup and apps for android devices. Android tablets are useful […] Read more

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The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has included the Snapchat app in this year’s Dirty Dozen list, and rightly so. They also have an outstanding page (also below) detailing the dangers and concerns with Snapchat that cause it to make the list — be sure to click on “More Explanation About Why Snapchat is on the List”. Snapchat can be used in […] Read more

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NetSanity, a provider of parental control products for Apple devices, has a great post today (linked below).  In it NetSanity alerts parents to hiding apps and practical ways to manage and monitor the apps their kids are using.  Hiding apps basically pose as another type of app like a calculator but instead provide a way to hide apps, pictures, videos or […] Read more

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Naked Security Post detailing 7 apps that #ParentsNeedToKnow about. Protect your teens: 7 apps and websites parents should be aware of | Naked Security. Check out our App Watch information for more […] Read more

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Online privacy is at the forefront of tech news and tops the list for concerns for a lot of internet users or at least it should.  The folks behind the app Cyber Dust saw a need and filled it.  However, the age for the app is listed at 12+ in the Apple store, so #ParentsNeedToKnow that it is out there and it […] Read more