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Fight The New Drug, an organization that does awesome work to minimize pornography use, reported the other day that search results for Pokémon GO had surpassed that of porn searches. In case you weren’t aware of it, pornography is always at the top of lists quantifying internet search data. So, that alone is a good reason to like Pokemon Go. There are […] Read more

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Minecraft is all the rage among kids of all ages.  Aside from the usual comments about the amount of time their kids want to spend playing Minecraft, the biggest complaint from parents about Minecraft is the language their kids can see in the chat area, unless the chat feature is disabled.  For the most part, Minecraft is played on public servers […] Read more

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I have been surprised about the lack of knowledge among parents about what is in Grand Theft Auto V.  Parents need to know that this game is very different than Call of Duty or Halo. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is already known for glorifying the dregs of cultural decency by turning breaking the law into a game. The user […] Read more

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