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Fight The New Drug just released an infographic that succinctly explains porn addiction and why it is so destructive.   It covers how porn affects brain chemistry, relationships and prosperity. Take a look at it and share with the people in your life. Pornography Infographic from Fight the New Drug […] Read More

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Feminist Gail Dines gives a shocking, but accurate TED talk on today’s pornified culture and what it does to our youth. She fiercely battles for the hearts and minds of our girls and boys while she demonstrates how they are being bombarded with horrific images and messaging that has devastating consequences.  Because of the content viewer discretion is advised, but […] Read More

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There is an expression that has recently become a part of our vernacular that I like — “I can’t unsee that!” If it were around then, I imagine it would have been used in this classic Seinfeld episode where Elaine starts off the dancing at a wedding reception.  I can just hear George saying “I can’t unsee that” instead of […] Read More

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An email came today that completely sums up why I started Sensible Cyber Parenting as part of The Computer Monkey, LLC.  It was a fundraising letter from The National Center for Sexual Exploitation, formerly known as Morality in Media.  One of their key projects is Porn Harms which seeks to oppose and expose pornography and those who promote and support it.  In […] Read More

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Contrary to what you may see on popular sitcoms, porn is not a punchline. It is a billion dollar industry and a threat that is actually targeted at your children as the next generation of customers. Part of the battle against protecting kids from pornography is that not all parents view it as the threat that it is and many […] Read More

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Addendum to Previous Post: The Battle Parents Face The Dark Reality of Porn LA Times article: Internet Porn is an Experiment in Dehumanization Herald Times Online: What You Didn’t Know Pornography is Doing to Your Kids CNN: Help My Teen’s Watching Online Porn Porn Use Negatively Affects Men’s-Sex-Lives Porn Use Affects Women: Infographic Fight The New Drug: Heart Facts Fight […] Read More

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Learn How Pornography Addiction Affects the Teenage Brain – Infographic from   […] Read More

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