Disturbing Number of Professors Arrested for Child Pornography

Below is a link to a chilling and disturbing list and explanation of child pornography related crimes committed by college professors and staff. I applaud Dr. Handrahan for this extensive compilation of these horrific crimes. Yet, Dr. Handrahan claims suggest that this list may just be the tip of the iceberg: “My research, which is far from comprehensive, details 90 professors and staff arrested on child rape and torture, aka child porn, charges.”

There are a few important reasons why #ParentsNeedToKnow about this research.

  1. Some of the perpetrators acquired their content through online interactions with teens. ” For the past five years Morris posed as a teenage boy or girl, and got 14 to 16 year old girls to perform sex acts for him live-streamed via web cameras. He had been trading in child sex rape and torture for 15 years.”
  2. The parents of these perpetrators probably thought “not my son” too. Parents must recognize the destructive and addictive nature of pornography and seriously work to protect their children. SensibleCyberParenting.com is here to help.
  3. Parents also need to understand that, in most cases, these offenders probably didn’t start out using child pornography. Like other addictions and abuses the addict needs “more” to satisfy their desires so adult pornography escalates to child pornography or increasing violent pornography. The highly addictive nature of pornography coupled with the tendency of the user toward escalation is one of the reasons that pornography is such an insidious danger to society. Thankfully, pornography is beginning to be recognized as the public health crisis that it is.
  4. Most of these people were thought to be upstanding citizens in their community — people that would never be suspected of doing these horrific things. “…Chair of the Family and Community Medicine Department, was arrested, 6 August 2015, for possession of hundreds of child rape files on his office computer.”

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