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Minecraft is all the rage among kids of all ages.  Aside from the usual comments about the amount of time their kids want to spend playing Minecraft, the biggest complaint from parents about Minecraft is the language their kids can see in the chat area, unless the chat feature is disabled.  For the most part, Minecraft is played on public servers so kids can see anything that is typed in the chat between the people on that server.  The second biggest complaint I hear about is the language they are exposed to in Minecraft videos on YouTube.  Kids love to watch Minecraft videos for ideas on strategy and “cheats”, but this can also expose them to inappropriate language either through the chat information mentioned above, the YouTube comments section or the narration of the video producer.

There are some ways to protect your kids and still let them enjoy the fun and educational benefits of Minecraft.  Here are some links to pages that offer assistance with both of these issues.

Family-friendly servers listed in this article: 

11 Family-Friendly Minecraft Servers Where Your Kid Can Play Safely Online | Brightpips.

Family-friendly Minecraft video sources: 

Common Sense Media – Kid-Friendly Minecraft Videos

MineMum – Family-friendly Videos page

Bright Pips – Family-friendly Minecraft page

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