FREEThe products for parental controls and protection keep improving. There are more products with better features today than ever before which is very good news for families. Parents need to understand that when we put technology into our kids’ hands we also need to accept responsibility for protecting them and that there might be costs associated with that. But, I want to highlight some of the free options that parents have as well. I often employ some of these free options in addition to other products to offer double layers of protection.

Built-in Controls – Most devices now come with at least some level of parental controls or restrictions settings. Take advantage of those and add additional controls as necessary. See the manufacturer’s website support information to find out how to control your devices, but here are links that might be helpful: SCP page with information about several game systems, Apple iOS Restrictions, Samsung Galaxy Kids Mode

OpenDNS – This link will take you SCP posts on this important addition to any router. Having OpenDNS settings on your router is useful for general network protection and performance even if you don’t use it to block graphic content.

Sophos – Sophos has been providing IT professionals with security products for years and they have put together a cloud-based Mac or PC option for home users that is free for up to 10 computers. To make it even better, in addition to content filtering it also protects from malware (viruses, scam programs, ransomware). Administration of the product can be done through a browser from any location.

Mobicip Browser Protection – Offered with a basic account for free. They provide browser add-ons or apps for content filtering. Read more from SCP about Mobicip.  App links: Mobicip iOS App or Mobicip App for Android on Google Play.

DNS Override – This link will take you to the SCP post about DNS Override. It is a free way to control the DNS settings on a mobile device. DNS is like the phone book of the internet and can be used as a first-line of defense against pornographic or other undesirable content. You can even choose OpenDNS as the DNS choice.  You can also pay a one-time charge of $2.00 to force the settings on the device, still practically free!

Check back to this page in the future to see if any more FREE options have been added.

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