About Grand Theft Auto V

I have been surprised about the lack of knowledge among parents about what is in Grand Theft Auto V.  Parents need to know that this game is very different than Call of Duty or Halo.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is already known for glorifying the dregs of cultural decency by turning breaking the law into a game. The user can interact with seedy characters, steal cars, kill cops, etc. It has an extremely misogynistic portrayal of women. Parents might already be aware of the previously mentioned aspects of the game and certainly should expect the foul language; after all it does have an M rating. But, the language isn’t just the occasional expletives. It is constant with crude conversations like what you hear in the worst R-rated movies and in some cases pornographic films. Speaking of pornography, it is there too!

Perhaps the most critically acclaimed feature of Grand Theft Auto V is the life-like graphics –which makes the pornographic scenes very life like as well. These are not scenes of cartoon characters having sex. These graphics portray digitized people having sex (and the vile, coarse language to go with it) or doing a lap dance from the perspective of the game player’s lap where the game challenges the user to touch her but not get caught. I don’t know what button on the controller you use for that because I just viewed these scenes online. You can look up scenes from GTA V on the internet very easily and see them for yourself; at least until they are removed for violating the website’s decency standards because they are so graphic.

In addition to watching sex or strippers, you can watch yourself being serviced by a prostitute with a menu of sex act choices and when you are finished you can kill her and get your money back. http://gta.wikia.com/Prostitutes

Prostitutes are not new to GTA V, but extremely graphic torture scenes are. Even adult, experienced GTA gamers have been horrified by this part of the game.


It is chilling to think of what can happen to young minds that participate in this type of game play. The fact that games like this are even produced and that so many adults buy them is another discussion for another website. As far as giving teens or younger kids access to these games, I believe that many of the parents that are buying them are doing so out of ignorance about just what is in them. I hope I am able to inform a few.

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