How Do You Protect iOS Devices?

Business technology provides companies with Mobile Device Management tools that they use to protect their corporate devices from all kinds of threats. Those tools include content filtering to prevent inappropriate content from being accessed on business devices. The continued problem for parents trying to control the network settings of their child’s iOS device is that it is easy for the child to disable them. With Mobile Device Management that businesses use, those kind of changes are not possible. Fortunately, if you have a Mac, you have access to something very similar from Apple that will allow you to protect iOS devices using Supervised Mode.

Supervised Mode lets you configure a profile that governs the device. You are able to set policies that give you significant control over what is allowed on the device. The device has to be wiped, but this tool is worth the trouble. The instructions are linked below. Thank you to and their customer Daniel Markarian for providing them.

Configure Apple Devices in Supervised Mode

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