NetSanity Explains How to Stop Kids from Hiding Apps

NetSanity, a provider of parental control products for Apple devices, has a great post today (linked below).  In it NetSanity alerts parents to hiding apps and practical ways to manage and monitor the apps their kids are using.  Hiding apps basically pose as another type of app like a calculator but instead provide a way to hide apps, pictures, videos or other content that someone wants to hide.  Most parents can probaby agree that if kids are hiding something on their phone, it shouldn’t be there. The article higlights and explains the use of the Apple iOS 8 Family Sharing options and how they can be used to protect the content allowed on your kids’ devices.  All of the tips referenced in the post can be used without NetSanity or any other parental control product, so I really appreciate their efforts to inform.  Like most of the companies providing parental controls, they have a heart for keeping kids safe.

How to Stop Kids from Hiding App Use ~ NetSanity Blog.

Apple support pages referenced in the post:

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