iOS 12 Will Include Some Useful Tools for Parents

Apple recently announced the iOS 12 features that will be released this fall. The new iOS version claims to make using your iOS device “more delightful” with improved performance, several new Facetime features, filters and other effects for messaging and several significant photo advances. However, the new Screen Time features seem to be getting the most press coverage and are probably the features that are most relevant to parents with kids using iOS devices. Apple received an open letter from some shareholders back in January encouraging them to be more family friendly. While many of the best parental control products already include some of what Apple includes in their Screen Time features, I am always in favor of device manufacturers providing more options that parents can use at the device level to protect their kids. The Screen Time features let all users evaluate and make choices about the time that they spend using their device but parents can monitor and control how much time their kids spend as well as what if anything will be allowed during specific times marked as Downtime. Time can be limited by app or website and parents can receive weekly reports about usage. Even though these are helpful features, unless Apple has made some significant changes to the Restrictions settings, concerned parents will still need to use additional protection products with/on an iOS device to provide an acceptable level of protection.

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