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Mobicip began with a safe browser app for iOS but has now branched into a variety of products that can be controlled from one dashboard.  The Mobicip home page has a short video giving an overview of their products.  Below are the products that are available with links to the information and support pages for how to install and use this product in its various platforms.  Mobicip provides a free account option as well as a premium account option that gives parents more customization and features.  The products are the same between the free and premium versions.  The difference is in the features available in the dashboard where the parent manages the controls for their child.  One particularly nice feature is the ability to disable filtering when the device is on certain networks.  Most school systems have filtering in place and sometimes their filtering can cause performance issues for a device that already has filtering in place.  Mobicip also offers YouTube filtering.

Before downloading and setting up any of the products you will want to setup a Mobicip account.  You can easily begin with a free account and then upgrade if so desired.

The Mobicip Safe Browser for iOS devices — iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

The Mobicip Safe Browser for Android smartphones and tablets like the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Mobicip for Windows 7 or 8 computers.
You  will need to know if your computer is a 32 bit or 64 bit to make your download choice.  

Here are links to the support pages to setup and manage additional features:

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