OpenDNS – Port Filter Rules (D-Link) to Prevent Workarounds

These instructions are for advanced router settings for people who are using OpenDNS parental controls and want to prevent the user by passing the DNS settings on the router.  These steps assume that the router has already been working and basic OpenDNS setup has already been done.  For more information about OpenDNS see these posts: Whole Home Network Filtering with OpenDNS and Advanced OpenDNS settings.

1. Log in as administrator on your router. 

2. Click on Advanced Tab
3. Click on Access Control on the left side.
4. You need to Enable access control by checking the box, then click Save Settings and come back to this screen.

Enable Policy
Click to enlarge.

5. After Enabling access control, click Add Policy and click Next
6. Create the name for your policy and click Next

Policy Name
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7. Choose Always for the schedule and click Next

Schedule Policy
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 8. Click the radio button next to Other Machines and click OK to add that choice to the machine list then click next

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9. Choose Block Some Access radio button if it is not already selected and check box for Apply Advanced Port Filters and click Next.

Click to enlarge.

10.  Add the Port Filter rules exactly as in the graphic below.

Click to enlarge.
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11.  Save and choose Reboot Now.  Log back in as administrator, go to Advanced > Access Control and click Next through the policy to double check that it was saved.

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