Parenting in a Pornified Culture by RecoveryTV

I recently had the privilege of joining licensed therapists, Joshua Nichols and Carrie Kyger for an episode of RecoveryTV, their YouTube channel. We discussed the difficulty of parenting in today’s culture and what concerned parents need to do to protect their children. I met Joshua several years ago at an event aiming to shine the light on the dangers of pornography. When he approached me earlier this year about doing a Facebook live event, I had to say yes, but I was pretty intimidated at the thought of live video. Even in front of large groups, in-person presentations are my preference, but Joshua and Carrie are so approachable and warm that they made it easy. Through their practice, Joshua and Carrie have clearly seen the detrimental effects of pornography on marriages, families and children. They have a comprehensive family counseling practice in Oklahoma City called Family Solutions Counseling and on Facebook @FamilySolutionsOK. The video is available below:

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