Parents Have More Power Than They Realize

The amount of products that connect families to the internet continues to increase. Luckily for families, the parental control options that come with those products are increasing and improving. Demand drives the manufacturers and developers to add these features so that means that parents are making their preferences known and that is good thing. Parents shouldn’t hesitate to contact companies via email or social media to make their voices heard. But one of the best ways to communicate is to “vote” with your dollars and support the companies that support you as a parent who wants to preserve their child’s innocence while still enjoying technology options in your home.  For your convenience, I’m including links to the parental control instruction pages from the companies of some of the most common devices and services.

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Amazon Fire TV
Roku (mostly controls by the services used)
Sling TV with Roku
XFINITY from Comcast
Cox Cable

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