Parents Just Don’t…

head_in_sand_2The article below from the Family Online Safety Institute by Thomas Dodson had to be linked to on the #ParentsNeedToKnow blog.  Simply retweeting it wasn’t enough.  It is entitled “Parents Just Don’t Understand“, but it is obvious from the survey results noted in the article that parents just don’t do a lot when it comes to their kids online lives.  The survey was done by Be Above The Fray – Twitter.

As the article mentions, they aren’t monitoring, they aren’t getting their kids’ passwords and they aren’t communicating with them about the issues, consequences, and potential dangers of online connectivity.  This is a serious problem and one that Sensible Cyber Parenting and the above-mentioned organizations (as well as many others) are trying to address through raising awareness, educating and empowering parents to be good stewards of their kid’s digital privileges.

Link to Parents Just Don’t Understand

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