Pokemon Go Fight The New Drug, an organization that does awesome work to minimize pornography use, reported the other day that search results for Pokémon GO had surpassed that of porn searches. In case you weren’t aware of it, pornography is always at the top of lists quantifying internet search data. So, that alone is a good reason to like Pokemon Go.

There are other reasons, as mentioned in the SCP post on Pokemon Go from a few days ago. But, with just about any app there are concerns for parents as well, many of which are highlighted in that post. Overall, though, Pokemon Go is a pretty benign app. The main problem with it is the choices people have been making while playing it. The headlines are full of shocking Pokemon Go stories (see below) including people falling off of cliffs, being hit by cars and even being bitten by a venomous snake. Most of us have been reminding our kids to be careful when crossing the street since they were old enough to do so, but kids and teens get easily distracted. So, if you have a Pokemon hunter that is old enough to be walking around somewhere without you, then perhaps a reminder about general safety concerns and street-crossing rules is in order. For older kids (and adults, ahem), as mentioned in the previous post, driving and using the app absolutely do not mix. My biggest concern with Pokemon Go is dangerous people using it for nefarious purposes, so regardless of age players should stay away from secluded or dangerous areas and always play with other people. See the article, also listed below, from Love 146 about staying safe. Additionally, respect and reverence dictate that certain locations like memorials or cemeteries should be avoided even if they are a Pokestop. The bottom line is that if common sense and moderation are applied, Pokemon Go can be a fun and safe group activity.

Tips For Staying Safe While Playing Pokémon Go
Two Men Fall Off Cliff While Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Player Bitten by Venomous Snake
Pokemon Go Player Crashes His Car Into a Tree
15-Year-Old Hit By Car After Playing Pokemon Go
Electrical Dangers
Police Warn of Dangers

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