Protecting Your Child’s Brain from Pornography

My goal with SCP is protecting kids’ devices from exposure to porn etc. but in the battle against pornography, it is also critically important to protect their minds so they have the proper response when they are faced with it. I would like to say IF, but sadly, technology being how it is, when is more likely. The evidence (Fight The New Drug) is clear, pornography affects the brain. How a child handles exposure to pornography is crucial and can be the difference between a very unfortunate incident and a lifelong struggle. An organization called Protect Young Minds is doing great work in this area. They have a website with countless articles and resources including a book called Good Pictures Bad Pictures, mentioned in a previous SCP post.  Protect Young Minds also has an active Facebook page and Twitter account. Their articles, posts and book are a great resource for parents striving to protect their children from the stronghold of pornography as well as parents who need advice about helping a child who has already been exposed to pornography.

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