Social Development

Regardless of what games, apps, or social media you allow your kids/teens to have, too much of anything can have negative effects. Some of these negative effects can be depression and isolation which can have tragic results. Watch for warning signs. It is important to make an HONEST assessment of your kid’s personality and social interactions. Do they have friends? Do they enjoy other activities both alone and with their peers? Do they forgo doing things with friends to play video games? What percentage of their day is spent on their game system, smartphone, etc.? If the answers to any of these questions give you pause, you may need to take a more active role in directing their time and helping them learn how to manage it better, so they have a more balanced day. In a small number of cases, the professional help of a counselor may be needed. One of our biggest roles as parents is to help our children develop into good citizens and functioning members of society. Technology may or may not make that job more challenging, but it doesn’t change our responsibility to do it. 

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