Talking to Your Kids About Pornography

As if having “The Talk” isn’t difficult enough, now parents also need to talk to their kids about pornography. In fact, talking to them about pornography is nearly as important as setting up protection on the online devices they use. Being forewarned really is forearmed, and it is critical when it comes to helping them have the proper response when they are faced with a pornographic image.

I want to share a few very helpful resources when it comes to how to have age-appropriate discussions with your kids about pornography. Please note the plural use of the word discussions. Just like “The Talk” shouldn’t be a singular event, but rather an ongoing discussion about God’s gift of sexuality as they grow.  So it should be with the topic of pornography.

Matt Fradd of Integrity Restored has an excellent podcast that not only gives parents tips about having these discussions with kids but also why it is critical to put protection on their devices and how to respond if your child tells you they have seen pornography.  He also references an outstanding book that I recommend in my seminars called Good Pictures Bad Pictures by Kristen A. Jenson ( It is meant to be read to your child to help address the issue of pornography in an age-appropriate way. Additionally, Kristen has told me that Good Pictures Bad Pictures Junior for ages 3 to 6 is set to be released in the fall.

Talking To Your Kids About Pornography – Integrity Restored Podcast By Matt Fradd – Direct Link

iTunes – Talking To Your Kids About Pornography – Integrity Restored Podcast By Matt Fradd – iTunes Link

Protect Young Minds

Amazon link to Good Pictures Bad Pictures by  Kristen A. Jenson

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