The Battle Parents Face

Porn is Like A DrugContrary to what you may see on popular sitcoms, porn is not a punchline. It is a billion dollar industry and a threat that is actually targeted at your children as the next generation of customers. Part of the battle against protecting kids from pornography is that not all parents view it as the threat that it is and many of those that do, still do not realize just how serious it can be. Even if today’s pornography was a 1960’s era Playboy, moral objections could still be made, but the introduction of the internet has created something far more sinister. Besides being completely misogynistic and filled with violence toward women, it truly has a drug-like effect on the brain, especially the young, developing brains of children. During volunteer work with organizations who effort against pornography, I have met two former addicts (now counselors) whose addictions began with finding their father’s porn magazines. If members of the previous generation could be so entangled by magazines, how much more of a threat does the internet bring to today’s kids.

Personally, I have faith-based and moral issues against pornography and I realize that not everyone shares those beliefs. But, even if you take away that morality argument, pornography destroys relationships, increases the tendency of people to commit violent, sexual crimes and fuels the demand for prostitution and human trafficking. These stories aren’t just on the news, they are in your community.  I know someone whose son was molested by an older neighbor boy who was acting out things he had seen in pornography.  Through my business, The Computer Monkey, I have set up parental controls for many families, unfortunately, in some cases it was because there was a child or teen that had already become obsessed or addicted.  As part of an effort to try to bring about awareness, discussion and light into the darkness of pornography, I will continually update this post with new links about the damaging effects of pornography and those trying to fight it.

So You Still Don’t Think Porn Is Bad?

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