The Culture – Pornified

In episode 245 of The Ben Shapiro show podcast, Ben makes the following statement about our culture: “One of the great misnomers in American culture is that pornography is adult entertainment. Really, pornography is adolescent entertainment  Once you are an adult you realize there is responsibility that comes along with sex, that there’s responsibility that comes along with relationships. But Hollywood teaches precisely the opposite, pop culture teaches precisely the opposite: when you are an adult you get to act like a child and when you are a child you should aspire to be an adult acting like a child. So perennial adolescence for everyone! All of which, dumbs down virtue and turns it into an empty vessel.”

This statement is sad, but true in many cases. The culture really is an enemy to parents. We must constantly battle against it, but while we do we need to educate our children in age appropriate ways so that if we call something “bad” they know why it’s “bad” and why the better choice is better. These reasons may vary from family to family based on your faith or values. There is a time for “because I said so” certainly, but part of helping a child mature into an adult is giving them the skills they need to critically think for themselves. Because of the pervasive nature of cultural influence today, it is now even more important to equip them with the ability to evaluate what the world or the culture says within the prism of what their faith or values say.

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