The Reason for Sensible Cyber Parenting

An email came today that completely sums up why I started Sensible Cyber Parenting as part of The Computer Monkey, LLC.  It was a fundraising letter from The National Center for Sexual Exploitation, formerly known as Morality in Media.  One of their key projects is Porn Harms which seeks to oppose and expose pornography and those who promote and support it.  In my computer technology business, I hated being hired to put parental controls in place after exposure and sometimes even addiction had already happened.  So, Sensible Cyber Parenting was started to provide a resource to parents fighting this battle.  Unfortunately, the battle is still two-fold: convincing them to take action and then helping them determine what steps are best for their family.  The following email from Porn Harms addresses the former (and the most frustrating part).  The donation link has been edited to go directly to their donation page to bypass the email click functions.

Porn Harms Kids

 Supporters have shared their personal stories of how porn has harmed their lives:

 “I was about 13 years old and my friend brought a pornographic video over to the house for us to watch while my parents were still at work.”

 “I came across a Playboy when I was 8, again at an older cousin’s house at 10. Then I was fascinated. I’m over 50 and still struggle. I’d fight it just to protect myself from its snares!”

 “I found a stack of magazines in a vacant lot on my way home from school. I was 11 years old.”

 “My first exposure to hardcore pornography was around the age of 10. I eventually became a pornography addict and still struggle.”

 “I am a 19-year-old female that started looking up pornography at 10-11 years old and finally conquered that terrible addiction shortly after my 19th birthday.”

 “My brother showed it to me when I was 5. I am 15 now and feel completely out of control. Thank you for talking to me and giving me courage to tell my mom. She was upset, but promises that we can find help.”

 With your donation, you can help put a stop to the pornified culture we live in and preserve children’s innocence.

Thank you for all of the support you are able to give!


Dawn Hawkins

Executive Director | National Center on Sexual Exploitation Director | Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation

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