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where do babies come fromMost of the time teaching kids about sexuality is referred to as “The Talk”, but hopefully in your home it is a series of age-appropriate discussions from childhood to adolescence. In considering this post, I reminded myself that this blog is about protecting kids online not really parenting in general. However, a healthy understanding of God’s gift of sexuality can be at least a partial defense against pornographic content should a child be exposed to it. Sadly, even with the best parental controls in place on their own devices the odds of them being exposed at some point are pretty high. Pornography does not even come close to giving an authentic depiction of healthy sexual relations and is almost always misogynistic. So, arming kids with the truth about sex, in age-appropriate ways, could help them have the proper perspective if they see something counter to that and is simply good parenting.

Here is the series that our family used from Concordia Publishing. It is structured with books for different ages/stages to help guide you and your kids through “The Talks”.

Learning About Sex Series – Concordia Publishing

Girls 6 Book Set – Concordia
Boys 6 Book Set – Concordia
Individual books – Amazon

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