You Can Do It If You Really Want To

When one of my sons was 5 years old he was diagnosed with a  neurological issue that was causing issues with his spine. God was gracious to us, and after two successful surgeries the problem was corrected. It’s been about fifteen years since we received that diagnosis. It was called a Chiari  Malformation. We were clueless about and had not even heard of such a condition. Conquer Chiari is one organization that is trying to do something about that. But, it’s a funny thing when your child has a health crisis. You get motivated to find out everything you can about it. I spent hours and hours reading about this complex topic – learning about it and about the surgeries that would be involved. 

There have been countless times that I have heard parents tell me “I don’t know anything about all of this tech stuff” or “I’m just not good with technology” to reason why they don’t setup parental controls of some kind. The truth of the matter (brace yourself) is that they do not believe it is important enough, because if they did they would be motivated to put in the effort and time to learn. If something is important to us, we will work on it. Sadly, I am afraid that this complacency is going to produce a generation with a lot of pornography addiction/abuse, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, and relationship problems, not to mention general moral decay. 

This post explains why I do not set up parental controls FOR parents, but I will hold their hand while they do it. And, the companies that provide the monitoring or filtering products generally provide really good support. You can do it. It may take hours of your time and you may get frustrated along the way but aren’t the mental health and well-being of your children worth it? See our steps to Getting Started protecting your family today. 

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