Zift is Now Net Nanny® 10

On May 8th Net Nanny® rebranded their Zift mobile protection application to Net Nanny® 10. That was probably a good branding decision since Net Nanny® has been a leader in this space for years and the name “Zift” lacked product explanation. Tom’s Guide, which named Net Nanny® 10 the best parental control application for iOS, has updated their detailed review to reflect this branding change. The Net Nanny® family of products is offered in a package called the Family Protection Pass for iOS, Android, Windows and Fire (not MacOS). There are two price points: 5 devices for $54.99 per year or 20 devices for $89.99 per year, making Net Nanny® one of the most affordable parental control products on the market today.

Net Nanny® 10 did adopt one thing from the Zift branding. Zift’s purple and yellow color scheme has replaced the orange that has always been associated with Net Nanny®. Hopefully, these changes will help a great product succeed in the parental control market and that success will lead to more innovation and improvements to the benefit of parents trying to keep their kids safe online. Let SCP know about your experience with Net Nanny® 10 by commenting below.

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